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Billy Kay
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  • Clifton, TN
  • United States
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Billy Kay is an American Country Songwriter and Musician. The most downloaded in Las Vegas | #1 in S Carolina | Now taking Nashville by Storm.

Billy Kay is a homeless Veteran, currently living in a shelter in Clifton, TN. He travels America writing, recording and performing on his now-famous "Abject Poverty Tour".

He donates a share of all royalties and merchandise sales to various charities. He gets to work with top-tier musicians who often donate their skills to the cause - or work for the price of a cheeseburger! For example, his breakout hit "Ready... Set... Gone!"... 100% of the proceeds go to The Shade Tree (a battered women's shelter) for posterity.

Billy also organized 2011's "Country for a Cause" CD, which featured some of the most talented - and award winning - indie musicians on the indie country music scene.

Billy started playing the accordion at age 5. Knowing it would be impossible to "pick up women" with an accordion, he convinced his mom to let him switch to guitar at 7. And his guitar has been his constant companion for 4 decades.

He went public with his songs three years ago, and he's since been played all over the world. He was the most downloaded person in Las Vegas. People make videos of themselves dancing to his songs from Asia to Denmark!

Billy writes from the heart. "I write what I see" says Billy. "I lack the ability to make stuff up. So if I see hurt or joy in someone, I extrapolate how they got to that point."

His latest release, "When You Hold Me Tight", was recorded in Las Vegas, Chicago, and Florida. "All my favorite performers" play on it" states Billy. It was a labor of love - and a blast to record!

As long as people keep listening, I'll keep writing. And I get to tell people about those less fortunate then themselves in the process. Of all the directions my life could have taken, I consider myself blessed to be where I am.

All My Best,
Billy Kay

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Billy Kay posted a photo

I made the Laughlin Entertainer... again!

I made the Laughlin Entertainer... again! That's EVERY edition since I got here!Download Billy Kay on iTunes at…
Jul 16
Billy Kay posted a photo

Fortuitous Ad Placement

It's All About Fortuitous Ad Placement! It's guaranteed I'll be the SECOND thing everyone sees on the page :)Download Billy Kay on iTunes at…
Jul 16
Billy Kay posted a photo

Clearly, I'm a great kisser!

Clearly, I'm a great kisser! Just waiting for the right woman to Photoshop herself into this picture :):)Publicity Still from Billy Kay's When You Hold Me Tight VideoDownload When You Hold Me Tight on iTunes at…
Jul 15
Billy Kay posted a photo

Billy and the Bullhead Banshees

Billy and the Bullhead Banshees - Pool party at Sunrise Suites HotelDownload Billy Kay on iTunes at…
Jul 13
Billy Kay posted a photo

Billy Kay in Ready... Set... Gone!

Billy Kay in Ready... Set... Gone!Download Ready... Set... Gone! at My Best,Billy Kay
Jul 11
Billy Kay posted a photo

Billy Kay - Smiles on the River - DoublePlay Style!

Got a surprise visit from long time area legends Doubleplay - Cheryl Roth & David Hurley. Dave even brought his keyboard (out of picture shot). They'll be appearing live at the Wonder Bar in Bullhead City on Saturday July 11th, 7pm.Download…
Jul 10
Billy Kay posted a photo
Jul 9
Billy Kay posted a photo

New Bellmore Train Station logo merchandise

We added 9 new Bellmore Train Station logo merchandise for all our Bellmore fans. Available at My Best,Billy…
Jul 8
Billy Kay posted a photo

5 Year Anniversary of Honestly Music Video Shoot - Photo 4

Five years ago this week - July 5th 2010 - I proposed to Victoria... and she said YES! I had the directer film the scene 5 times just for the thrill :)Download the Honestly MP3 at…
Jul 7
Billy Kay posted a photo

Billy Kay - Smiles on the River - Chinese Style!

Billy Kay - Smiles on the River - Chinese Style! I really should change the name of the tour to "Smiles on the River". It's the coolest feeling ever to be able to get people to forget their daily problems and smile. This time, I got people who don't…
Jul 7
Billy Kay posted photos
Jul 2
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Jul 1
Billy Kay posted photos
Jul 1
Billy Kay posted a photo

My last day as a Homeless Vet!

My last day as a Homeless Vet!!!!! There's the manager giving me my lease! It took three years, but I graduated!For the record, I only had to do 30 days at the VA Shelter in South Carolina – 90 if I wanted free dental – to qualify for all my…
Jul 1
Billy Kay posted a photo

Billy Kay with Allyson and Kaitlyn

Reduced to "back-up band" once again - this time with the lovely Allyson and Kaitlyn! I have an added show this week at Lisa's Bistro in BHC. Come on out on Wednesday at 5:30pm and if you're better - or cuter - then me, hop on stage and have…
Jun 30
Billy Kay posted a photo

5 Year Anniversary of Honestly Music Video Shoot - Photo 1

Five years ago this week, filming commenced on the Honestly music video. I have some previously unpublished pics that I'll share this week. Here's the reason the video is still my most watched video... the lovely Victoria Falcon.Download the…
Jun 29

Billy Kay's Blog

A great FREE way to get targeted fans - and more re-tweets

Posted on November 3, 2012 at 9:22am 0 Comments

Create a free account! It's that simple! is a content curation service. It enables people to publish newspapers based on topics they like and treat their readers to fresh news, daily.

I created several - each with a different goal - and they all produce the exact results I wanted.

First, there are name brand acts we all know and follow, but they don't follow us back. So I…


I thought “Payola” Radio was Outlawed back in the 50′s!

Posted on October 15, 2012 at 7:12am 2 Comments

We released a new single last week, and were immediately bombarded with emails telling us to submit our “great song” to various Internet radio stations. Apparently, there are over 100,000 Internet radio stations dying to play our song.

The catch? They all CHARGE to listen to the song, with no guarantee of making the radio’s rotation. Anywhere from $5 to $49 to submit a song that may never be played on the air.

My math says that would cost a songwriter between a…


The Art of Networking

Posted on July 16, 2012 at 5:08pm 1 Comment

I recently posted a link on The NashvilleUniverse about a podcast I was asked to do about The Art of Networking. I hope some of you had a chance to listen because it's the most important part of your business!

What we do here when we talk to each other and support each other IS actually Networking. Taking it a step further is when you actually meet someone you've been networking with online.

Something happened last week that drives home the importance of Networking - and I… Continue

Monetizing Your Band Website: Online Custom T-shirts

Posted on July 6, 2012 at 7:31am 0 Comments

Online Custom T-shirts

One of the perks of our industry is "swag" - the free stuff companies give you in hopes you'll use or help promote them, or have your picture taken with a product (called product placement).

We recently made a cross country trip and everything except my carry-on suitcase, was branded swag used in photo ops. Hec! Even the laptop I'm writing this post with was a freebie.

I was recently hired as a consultant to teach bands how…


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At 7:36am on June 2, 2015, Michael Kay said…
Let's grab coffee sometime
At 6:20pm on April 3, 2015, timothy thompson said…

i love it good song

At 12:03pm on January 22, 2015, Michael Kay said…

If I was in Washington I would be at your performance!

At 11:54am on January 2, 2015, susan walton said…

Yes it would have been, I have a feeling we will meet:)

At 11:37am on January 2, 2015, susan walton said…

By the way i want to up my swag, :) I want a car, they can put what ever they want on it. Gottcha;)

At 11:36am on January 2, 2015, susan walton said…

That is true Billy, and we all have a number, only God knows when it's our time. I have Rheumatiod Arthritus, Diverticilitus and a heart disease, so my immune system sucks. They want to hold off on chemo, til I absolutely have to have it. I sucks, they found my heart disease when I was 22. My kids, grandkids, and music (of course my dad) keeps me pretty darn active, so I guess your right. I don't sing so I have it harder, who remembers a promoter? lol

At 9:03pm on January 1, 2015, susan walton said…

I am sorry to here that, I will be praying for you, as I believe God does hear and answers prayers. I am quite knowledgeable on Cancer. Trust me I come from a family full of it on both sides, my dad has beat it 3 times, my mom not so lucky. If you ever want to chat I am here. Any time, works for me. What treatment are they starting, if you don't mind me asking?

At 12:10pm on January 1, 2015, susan walton said…

Hey Billy, I hear ya on fan base, been fighting same thing with a couple artists, but I never give up, andohhh I am so getting you back, your brother rofl. Ha at least I didnt say something stupid(as didnt think of it til now) like wow you well get bonus points or more logical, wow your brother let you in, thats brave to face the rath. haha either way he would have been doomed rofl. I just don't think in those lines. Of cheating etc.I am hear just to have fun, and I am:) Are you sick or was that made up?

At 1:52am on January 1, 2015, susan walton said…

Hey Billy sorry to hear about your illness, I will pray that the good Lord has you on your feet soon. You kind of lost me on that message, so your the singer, and Michael had this page and you are wanting to get paid for gigs? Dang I was hoping I could get my artists a gig even free CMA Fest 2015, since we will be there anyway, havent had much luck. Someone told me, that Na. is not freindly to outsiders performing, something about the union?

At 6:20pm on December 31, 2014, susan walton said…

HA, I beat your brother on the Happy Birthday, he is so busted! lol That sucks Billy, your birthday and stuck in Vegas, yes to cold for a pool, has to be something to do.:) I really liked alot you had to say on your posts, 1000 to be on your list, I better talk fast right?



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