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New News From Vladopus9...

Just wanted to update everyone on some of our recent milestones... we are now in the rotation of three internet radio stations... VRadio Nashville, IndieRock Nashville, and on the In The Neon Spotlight... both "The Hovering Boot" and "Truthfully" are being broadcast on these awesome independent internet stations. We will be going back into the studio to record more of "Unicorn Graveyard" with SweetSong Nashville and are very excited to share the new and previous musical works created. We…


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Great article in Celebrity Access on Doc Holiday's TERRI MATERN

Great article in Celebrity Access on Doc Holiday's TERRI MATERN

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The HOPE FOR FREEDOM Benefit brought many musicians together to support Jimmie Van Zant. Your help is still needed in donations to raise money for Jimmie Van Zant's liver transplant. Information can be found by visiting:…


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No Pressure at all

No pressure at all last night at the smokehouse ....I just had play my songs after Dave Pahanish who co-wrote No. 1 Billboard country music singles "Do You Believe Me Now” by Jimmy Wayne, "American Ride" by Toby Keith, and "Without You" by Keith Urban. Pahanish has also had songs recorded by Tim McGraw, played his songs. We kept the room full tips rolled and we had a great time. Thank you to GA Brown and Rose Pyatt who played in the round with me.

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Wish I May, Wish I Won't

I used to waste my time wishin' on shootin' stars

Until I found they're just rocks burnin' up in the dark

And I used to waste every wish on you

Until you broke my heart

I might've wished on a few planes

Because no wishes have come true to this day

There comes a point where you get tired of waiting and wishing every night

And that's when you know it's time for goodbye


Wish I may, wish I won't

I thought you cared

But I guess you…


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JK Coltrain

Another pretty awesome week on the Roots charts.

Nashville Radio Promotions

Our promoted artists on this weeks Roots Music Report

The Roots Music Report's

Weekly Top 50 True Country Song Chart

for the Week of Sep 9, 2014

#44 His Eyes We're So Blue Maxine Vader

#47 You Keep Me Fallin for You J. K.…


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Make sure to tune in 24/7 and get new music and Interviews every day!

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New Official Video

Please check out my new official video of my original song "Can't Rain Forever" at ;

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JK Coltrain
If you are an artist with a song or video that you would like to promote come out and be our guest on The Stars of Tomorrow Show. We will be taping again on the 12th of this month. Just let me know.

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Hey Folks! Website Updated!
Make sure to tune in 24/7 and get new musicshows and Interviews every day!

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Lowest Album Sales since 1991

This trend continues... making it harder and harder for people to make money.

Added by Paul Pez Zukowski on August 28, 2014 at 2:57pm — No Comments


Hey Folks! Make sure to tune in 24/7 and get new musicshows and Interviews every day!

Dj Mai

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Tune in 24/7 and listen to some great countrymusic and Interviews Right here:

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So what killed the CD really

This is interesting read as effects everyone here. Read more here  So what killed CDs???

Added by Paul Pez Zukowski on August 22, 2014 at 3:08pm — 1 Comment

Crowd funding campaign

I won't have a phone for a couple weeks after today so I'll be posting this a lot today. I'm asking you to share this as much as you can. This originally started when Doc Holiday heard a love song I wrote for Deborah Robinson cashed Baby It's You but when my mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer I did a home recording of the song I wrote for her and sent it to Doc. He loved it and paid out of HIS POCKET to have the song arranged and charted for the other musicians and I was set to go.… Continue

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Buy the album 'All I Really Want' now on iTunes, Amazon and elsewhere

So excited to announce that, as of August 15 2014, the new album ALL I REALLY WANT is now available for download at iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and other online music retail outlets. Buy it now and start jamming with me!

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New Song Release "I Like Chicken And Biscuits"

Hey yawl - Greg Finch Here!,

I'm in the middle of releasing a brand new Bluegrass song entitled "I Like Chicken And Biscuits". It has just been released as a brand new single. If any one is interested,  please let me know. Be on the look out for it. I just mailed it out to a friend over at Indie World Country to get his thoughts and see if its chartable.  Yawl have a nice day.

Added by Greg Finch on August 19, 2014 at 1:29pm — 3 Comments

New Song Release "I Like Chicken And Biscuits"

Hey yaw, afternoon to yaw!  I've just released a brand new single entitled "I Like Chicken And Biscuits" . I just sent it out to a friend of mine to get his comments. If I was to call their name, a lot of you would know them. If you're interested, just let me know and I'll be glad to get it out to you. I know I'm new here, but the music is good! "It's southern fried, and guaranteed to make you move!!!!

Have a great…


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Dynamic Duo: Legendary Producer, Doc Holiday and Canada's Singer/Songwriter, Alma Sibley, Set To Record Another Duet in Nashville Late October

Dynamic Duo: Legendary Producer, Singer/Songwriter, Doc Holiday and Canada's Traditional Country, Singer/Songwriter, Alma Sibley are back in Nashville, TN., working on another duet song, written by Alma Sibley, "It's Hard But It's Over".  She had the privilege to record a duet song, she wrote, with Doc Holiday, "I Will Love You Forever", in 2012. This was his first duet in his lengthy, amazing career. The new song, "It's Hard But It's Over" to be recorded at Quad…


Added by Alma Sibley on August 9, 2014 at 1:43pm — 1 Comment

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